About Me

On September 1, 2010 my sweet little muppethead, KiraDog, died. She was diagnosed with Cushings disease in November 2009 and it finally gave way to heart disease and liver failure. I knew I needed another dog to fill the void in my heart and my home so I worked with Furbaby Rescue (where Kira came from) and was gently encouraged to meet a particular dog in need of a forever home. On September 10, 2010 I adopted Conor. . . . This is his story.

About Me (and really, when you think about it, it IS all about ME):

Conor: Gender: Masculine; Usage: Irish, English, Irish Mythology; Pronounced: KAHN-…ôr (English): Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Conchobhar which means "dog lover" or "wolf lover" also "lover of hounds". It has been in use in Ireland for centuries and was the name of several Irish kings.

Hi everyone!

My name is Conor. Well, it used to be Bumper but my mom thought it was as silly name (and in a way, so did I) for a grown-up puppy so she re-named me Conor. Conor, now that's a good strong manly-man Irish name, don't you think? I'm quite proud of it myself :-)

Anyway, I'm a "Liver" coloured Shih Tzu and I was about 2 1/2 years old when I was adopted (Mom says my Birthday is July 4, 2008! She's not 100% sure of the right date, but that's the day she picked). I have allergies and have to be careful (pfft!) about what I eat - no wheat, grains, or beef allowed. I'm a rambunctious guy who always seems to find trouble, er...toys, to play with. I like watching the world around me from my perch in the kitchen bay window and love my mom to bits - and even though he didn't really like me much, I also miss SirWillyCat a little.

Characters in my life:

  • Aunt Jo and Uncle Dale: Mom and Aunt Jo have been friends for almost 30 years, since high school. Aunt Jo is a pet person and raised both her kids to love animals. Uncle Dale, having grown up on a farm, had to be converted a little bit.
  • Aunt Diane: Mom's friend and (retired) co-worker. Aunt Diane lives a few doors away from us and we sometimes go to her place for a visit.
  • Miss Eleni: Founder of Furbaby Rescue
  • Miss Nicole: A Furbaby adopter who has two puppers to call her own. She lives in a different town, but close enough to mom they could visit (if their schedules ever let them!) Miss Nicole loves hearing my stories :-)
  • Miss Vanja: Met mom through Furbaby Rescue. They haven't met in person 'cause she lives far away.
  • VetLady: Dr. I. Elizabeth Borgmann, founder of the Whatcom Road Veterinary Clinic
  • Willy: (aka SirWillyCat): Adopted January 7, 1994. Willy died on January 24, 2011. He was 17 1/2 years old.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Things are settling

Mom has been having innerwebz troubles this weekend so even though I tried and tried to tell everyone about my weekend, I simply couldn't.

Of course I told mom if she would quit watching TV online she wouldn't have innerwebz trouble!  I just don't get it - why watch TV on a 15" laptop screen when we have a perfectly good 32" flat screen TV?  Because I'm a season behind on Big Bang Theory - so Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock THAT little Mr. Conor!

OKokok, so my weekend...(it's all about me, not Big Bang Theory, there mom!)  We went for a LOOOOOONG walk on Saturday, so much so I was simply tuckered when we came home.  Mom said the weather was supposed to 'get ugly' this week so she wanted to enjoy the fine weather while we still had it.  On Sunday we went for TWO walks!  Regular walks this time, but we got to go twice, so that made me happy :-)  Mom had to go to school (haha!) on Saturday morning to take a free course on making movies and splicing them on the computer.  She has a MacBook Pro and now totally understands how to use iMovie.  That means she can post movies of Yours Truly (when she actually has time to take movies of me...and fiddle with them on the 'puter...when she's not watching TV ONLINE!)  GAH!  Anyway, when she came home and after our LOOOOONG walk, I had another bath.

OH!  I almost forgot, mom wants me to tell everyone that while she isn't a Vet and has never played one on TV, she says my flea rash is completely healed and there's no more redness - she declared me HEALED!  I still have to have a wiener chunk every night for a few more days (TONS more days please?) and I'm going to meet VetLady in two weeks.  In the between time, mom says I'm all better, unofficially, of course.

I'm getting used to the idea that this is my forever home.  Mom comes home every day and we go for walks all the time so I think it must mean I'm staying.

It's pouring rain tonight, but guess what?  You got it!  We still went for a walk :-)  Miss Eleni would be horrified, though - mom made me wear a spare doggy coat she has - it was supposed to be for Kira, but Kira never wore out her first one so I get the spare one.  The coat is dark fuchsia.  I don't care about human stereotypes so long as it keeps me dry and I can still go for my walks, despite the rain.

I met a few more dogs from the neighbourhood (Levi and two others whose names I've forgotten) and mom said I am AWESOME with other dogs around and I know that makes her happy.  Maybe I can try Doggy Daycare as soon as mom finds one she likes and that's close to home.

Finally, apparently when mom naps on the couch it doesn't mean I can pile all my toys on her chest and whimper and whine until she plays with me.  Didn't go over well earlier tonight :-(

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Glimmer of hope

Today mom video'd me again - guess she doesn't trust me yet.  I hardly barked at all when mom left!  Of course, I held vigil at the kitchen window waiting for her return. 
It wasn't as lonely today because mom remembered to leave the TV on so I could listen to CNN all day.  I know.  CNN all freakin' day.  I know mom said I used to be American and should really keep up with what's happening in my home country, but I'm Canadian now so she should have left it on CBC.  But then I would have slept all day.  *snerk*

Oh oh oh!!!!!  I almost forgot to tell you the best part:  NO ACCIDENTS!!!  And NO belly band today.  I held it allllll day long until mom took me for my mini-walk after work.  It was raining so we only went to my favourite bush and back.  Later tonight we went for a longer walk, but not on our regular route (it was still raining) but I had to poop so we went around the park at the end of the street and back.  Yeah, I peed and pooped.  Couldn't really read my peemail, it was too wet outside.  Oh, mom made me wear a coat that lights up across the back down by the bum.  I think 2 or 3 cars honked at me - I must look HOT in that coat!  And I was dry (except my feet and top o' my head) when we got back so I'm thinking this coat thing isn't such a bad idea after all.  I get attention from passers-by, cars honk at me, I can still pee and poop, and it keeps me dry in the pouring rain.  Mom is so smart to make me wear it!

More season premiers tonight so I'm off to watch TV with mom.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Maybe I barked...maybe I didn't.

Mom set up the camera to video me to see how long I barked after she left.  Silly girl forgot to recharge the batteries and only got about 3 minutes of video.  But in that 3 minutes she learned I bark at the door to the garage for a bit then come upstairs and park my arse at the kitchen window to watch the world around me.  It seems I didn't bark for long but she's going to try again tomorrow to catch me being bad missing her like crazy and letting everyone know it.

Even though I went for a mini-walk for a pee this morning, I still had an accident on the area rug.  Mom cleaned it but I was still embarrassed.  Don't know why I won't pee in the backyard, though.  Guess I'm just not used to it here.  Mom says a co-worker may bring her dog over this weekend to play with me and show me that it's OK to pee in the backyard.  Mom hopes it works, and so do I (I really don't like peeing inside the house).

Later tonight we went for a nice long walk, a little longer than usual 'cause mom wants me really tuckered out tonight.  When we got back she exclaimed that it's the best night to watch TV; all her favourite shows are coming back this week.  We played with YellowPuppy for a while then we curled up on the couch and watched TV while mom worked on knitting a wool toque.

My mom knits.  And crochets.

Oh good Lord.

Next thing you know, she'll be trying to find patterns to make me a winter outfit.  If she makes me booties too I will simply cry with shame.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Today I just wanted to play!  Mom slept in, I didn't pee, y'know, the usual...but then mom started doing chores and it looked like she needed a break so I gathered up my toys and started tossing them around.  Mom soon joined in and tossed 'em for me.  After a while we went for a "Let's Go!" so I wouldn't have an accident in the house.  Mom took a nap later and then when she woke up, we played AGAIN!  Mom loves playing with my toys, she keeps trying to take 'em away from me but I hung on for all it's worth :-)  Oh, and mom made me another bandana.  There's some purple in it but that's OK, it's a manly-man purple!

I'm not sure which I love more, my hoof chew or YellowPuppy.  All I know for sure is mom can't have either one!
Or is my true love MissSnailio?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

"It's been one week since you looked at me"

I let mom sleep in until 10:30 this morning then she played on the computer for a while.  I went out to the backyard but I forgot to pee again.  Mom didn't take me for a mini-walk so I guess I'll just hold it.

After playing on the computer, mom took me outside so she could work in the garden.  I thought mom was going to "putter" but it sure looked like hard work to me!  So I just lay out in a sunny spot.  Nope, didn't go pee then either.

After "puttering" mom decided it was time for my bath with the special shampoo.  I think she actually used me as a scrub brush to wash all the dirt off her hands and arms 'cause she sure took her time washing me!  (I still didn't pee) After a good towel-dry I shook a few times and felt pretty good about myself - mom snorgled me saying I was soft and cuddly.  I'm a BOY!  I don't want to be soft and cuddly (well, I do like to cuddle...) but I draw the line at being soft - I'm a manly-man (Miss Eleni says so!)

After an hour or so mom said I was dry enough to go for a "Let's Go!"  It was a warm sunny day so we felt it was pretty safe to go out an hour after a bath.  The first bush I saw I let 'er rip!  I peed For-Ever (I really had to go by now) and then we went on our route.  I checked my peemail, replied, and pooped.  Mom then said she had to go to the store so she left me alone for 2 hours.  I barked when mom left and when she came home, I was again in the kitchen window watching all the activity in the complex.  She waved to me and watched me dash off the ottoman knowing I was heading downstairs (where I barked and barked until mom came in the house).

Mom is kind of mean, though - she cooked up a pizza and Would NOT Share One Freakin' Slice with me!!  Dammit.  How do I convince mom that Miss Eleni was only joking when she said I have allergies?  I really really really wanted some pizza - alas, mom held out, despite my wailing, whimpering, and batting my eyelashes (dammit, most folks fall for my pathetic sad eyes).  I even went so far as to place one single paw on her knee while whimpering.  No go.  Mom is stronger than I thought.

Later tonight we're going for a mini-walk just before bed 'cause mom says she has a lot of (indoor) chores to do tomorrow and wants to get a good nights' sleep tonight.

Token shots:

Look deep into my sad eyes and see how forlorn I am...Oh why oh why can't I just have a wee little taste of your delicious smelling pizza...please?  Pretty please?

I'm all tuckered out from "puttering", my bath (Don't I look fresh and clean?) then having the house for 2 hours to myself today.  Mom had to edit my junk; she edits my junk 'cause I'm ONLY TWO!

Did you notice I had a new blanket?  Mom moved my NicoleBlankey to the bedroom 'cause it's all cushiony soft for nighttime.  The blue blankey is so I can retain my manly-man appearance in the living room.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I got the whole (almost) house today :-D

This morning mom took me for a mini-walk and I peed again (don't know what the big deal is, this is getting easy!) and as promised yesterday, mom didn't use the kennel today.  She did use a baby gate to block me from going upstairs to play with Willy, though.

After getting ready for work, mom threw some treats on the living room floor and raced down to the garage as if to leave without me.  I raced her to the door 'cause the heck if she was going to go anywhere exciting without me!  She brought me back upstairs and said I had to STAY.  I tried.  I really tried.  But I ended up barking at the door to the garage 'cause I really didn't want to be alone.  Mom ignored me and went to work anyway.

Mom didn't set up the video camera today to see what kind of mischief I get into while she's away and I'm not going to incriminate myself by telling.  Suffice it to say, I had a belly band on and I soaked the pad and there was a small puddle at the top of the stairs when mom came home.  She never said a word, just cleaned it up.

Oh, I forgot to say the best part:  Mom set up an ottoman under the kitchen window (faces the road) and put a blankey there.  When she drove up to the garage after work, I was peeking over the window sill and watched mom as she park the car; she actually looked up and waved to me!  I then met her downstairs at the garage door.  Oh, I was so excited to see her!  My tail was wagging so hard and my butt was bouncing back and forth so much, I fell down twice!  We went into the backyard but I didn't pee.  Later we went for our "Let's Go!"  I was hoping to see Molly again, but I guess we missed her.  I checked my peemail, replied, and pooped so I should be OK until morning.

Mom says she wants to sleep in until at least 10 tomorrow - I'll let you know tomorrow if I let her.  She told me tonight if the weather is good she wants to "putter" in the garden.  I'm going to help her "putter" too...as soon as I figure out what "putter" means, that is...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I hate the kennel!

So mom got this great idea to keep me quiet during the day:  Put me in a kennel.  Well!  I showed her, literally!  She video'd me today and boy oh boy did I put on a show - so much so that mom got very upset with what she saw.  I barked, I chewed, I panicked, I was stressed, and basically let the whole world know how mad I was.  Then she told me she wasn't going to use the kennel while she was at work anymore. 

I won't believe it until she let's me have the whole house tomorrow.       (LOOK ---------->)

Anyway, early this morning mom took me for a mini-walk to the mailboxes and guess what?  I PEED!!!  It was the first time I peed in the morning since I moved into my new house.  Mom was hoping I'd go the whole day without an accident but I didn't make it.  Oh well.  I get a bath on Saturday so until then, I got a sponge bath to tone down any stink on me.

Mom made me a snappy new bandana tonight!  She took it outside and sprayed something on it that smells kind of like when I was a baby (D.A.P - Dog Appeasing Pheromone spray from the Vet.  It's supposed to calm down dogs).  Mom says that may help me remember a happy time, but Miss Eleni and mom think I may have been born in a puppymill (I can't remember) but I don't think that would be a happy time at all.  Those are terrible, horrible places!!

Even though it's pouring rain outside tonight, mom took for a short walk around the big building at the end of the driveway.  I checked my PeeMail (thanks Miss Vanja!) then pooped and replied to the peemail by peeing back; as we started back home...

I saw HER.  The woman of my dreams!!  Her petite little body, her dark sultry eyes, her fancy pink coat, and a wee little wiggle when she pranced by...a little white Maltese named Molly.  Oh my, I was smitten :-)  Molly and her daddy were hunkering under a sheltered area so Molly could check her peemail (I hope she read my love note!!!) then mom started talking with Molly's dad, who it turns out lives in the same complex and they ended up standing in the rain (under umbrellas) while Molly flirted with me.  Molly's dad says I have a great disposition, nice colouring, and a straight back.  Hope he approves of me as a future son-in-law!!  Mom told him all about me, so far as she knows anyway, and all about Furbaby Rescue and how Miss Eleni took care of all the fleas and taught mom how to keep taking care of me until I'm 100%.  Then we had to go.  I winked at Molly over my shoulder as mom took me home to towel me dry.

No token shots tonight - mom still hasn't emptied the SD card from the camera after taking the movie of me today.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Growing Pains

Conor and I are going through some growing pains.  He refuses to pee in the backyard but is more than willing to poop and then fingerpaint in it in the bathroom.  And he barks.  All freakin' day long while I'm at work.  I've been coming home at lunch but still...

Now we're trying a kennel and will see how that goes.  I don't want to give him back, but I can't afford to get fines from the Strata/HOA.

So for now, here are some token pics:

Mom got up so I snagged the warm spot :-)


HEY!  No peeking at my junk,
I'm only 2, y'know!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

First look at the new neighbourhood

Mom forgot to bring the camera so never mind if you were looking for pictures.

Mom announced it was time for a walk.  Now, I probably don't remember what my other home called it, but I kinda looked up at her as if to say, "A what?"  Then mom pulled out my harness and I have to admit, I got a little worried I was being sent back so I whimpered and started shaking (ok, I was plain ol' scared -  I had no idea what was happening).

So on snapped the harness and instead of going down through the garage, we used the front door (I was wondering where that door lead to!) and mom happily called out, "Let's Go!"  I'm starting to like the words "Let's Go" because so far every time I heard it I got to have a new adventure :-)

Mom must have already had the route mapped out 'cause she seemed to know exactly where we were going.  Apparently I'm kind of rude on a leash.  I tug, go between mom's legs a lot, and always want to dart off in a new direction.  Mom said she's gonna fix that!  She already started by wrapping the leash around her hand a few times so the lead was only about 2 feet long.  Just enough that I wouldn't trip mom but short enough that I HAD to walk beside her the whole time.

Along the way we stopped at Diggity-Dog grooming (sorry, no web site - excellent service and they're fantastic with the dogs there) so I could meet the folks there.  Also, mom told them about Kira passing away and Celina shared the story about her own dog and when he died.  That was kind of depressing, sitting there listening to sad stories.  But then Celina came around the corner, crouched down and took a look at my sore area.  She said no worries, when I'm all better they have special shampoo that won't irritate my skin.  After a few minutes we left and continued our walk.

I saw a few doggies along the way and really wanted to meet them but mom made me "behave myself" (whatever THAT means) so I guess I'll try again tomorrow.  Towards the end of the route I had to poop.  Mom let me poop and HOLY SMOKES, there was a lot of poop!  And it stunk to high heaven, so much so that mom gagged a little (I figure it was partly due to the stress of the change of address and partly due to the medication he's on but ohmygod it was harsh) but it felt so good to go!

I started to get tired and mom noticed she could let the leash out a bit and it hung slack because now I was walking nicely beside her.  Mom said we might go for another "Let's Go!" tonight.  But for now I'm going to curl up on my EleniBlanket and chill.

(Edited to add:  WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T HAVE SOME OF YOUR HOT DOG???????????  Have you ever heard of I Haz A Hot Dog ???  I hate you so much right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh yeah, keep shoving that hot dog in your face, my whimpering can give way to anguished barking Just Like That!)

(Token shots)

Never Mind the girly flower blankey!  It's comfy and warm :-P

So...what the heck is THAT you're pointing at me?  OW!  Flashy thing!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm HOME!!!

Bumper, now known as Conor!

Hey Ev'ry1!

I'm CONOR!!!!  Ain't I one helluva handsome devil?

So there I was, minding my own business, following Miss Eleni around the house hoping for a treat, then WHAMMO!  My whole world got shaken up (again?) and now I have a new mom!  Here's what happened:

This lady shows up at Miss Eleni's house and announces that she's taking me home - pretty damn presumptuous, if'n you ask me!  I mean, don't I have a say in the matter?  OK, so I ran up to her and sniffed, then I barked a little (well, the others were barking tooooo!) And yeah, I did lick her hand...and :sigh: I did let her snorgle me a little...and yeah, when one of the other dogs started to muscle in, I stayed between the lady and the other dog.

Aw shucks...I s'pose we could try this living together thing for a while.  Y'know, just to see if I like you an' all...

Next thing I know, Miss Eleni whips out some paperwork, teaches mom how to look after me (I had a flea infestation and need special care for a while yet), and then puts on my snappy new (?) car harness.  I waited patiently while mom yapped with Miss Eleni some more then off we went.  I was sad and confused for a few minutes, not wanting to say good-bye to Miss Eleni, but also wanting to start my new adventure.  So I admit, in a not so manly way, that I whimpered for a few minutes in the car.  Then mom reached back to give me some scritches said it was going to be so much fun when we got to her place, so I settled down and just lay in the backseat until the car ride ended.

We drove for about an hour then mom said those magic words so many lost and lonely doggies want to hear:  "We're HOME!!!"

After a tour of this new house, I followed mom upstairs to meet someone called Willy.  Willy is mom's cat and he didn't look too happy to see me.  So I tried to be friendly by hopping up on the bed from where he was surveying his domain.

That didn't go over well for either of us :-(

I'm going to try and convince Willy that I'm not a mean doggie and I won't try to bully him so he doesn't have to hiss and spit at me.  Not sure how successful I'll be, but I'm still gonna try.

Anyway, mom unpacked My Stuff and laid my blanket on the couch.  Now I'm just going to settle down and take a nap while I get used to all the new noises and smells in MY NEW HOUSE!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

One day closer!

Today I played a joke on my co-workers:

Me, "so, um...yeah.  got a minute?  I want to talk about something."
Co-Worker, "Sure, what's up?"
Me, "Well, I met this guy online and well, I think I'm in love.  He's handsome, blonde hair, playful, has the most gorgeous brown eyes, and a nice hairy chest to rub."
Co-Worker: <blink>
Me, "I'm meeting him this weekend in the USA and I might ask him to come live with me."
Co-Worker:  <stunned silence>
Me, "Well, what do you think?"
Co-Worker, "Ahhhh...ummmm...close the door and let's talk about this."
Me, "Oh, and he's a 2 year old Shih Tzu!"
Co-Worker:  Damn near faints with relief.
Me, "Gotcha!"

Then I asked for part of Friday afternoon off, emailed Miss Eleni, and will be going down to Furbaby Rescue Friday evening to meet Bumper Conor!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So I've been thinking...

So here I am still mourning the loss of my sweet little KiraGirl when I stumbled upon the most beautiful almond brown eyes I have ever seen.

He is handsome, blonde, and had the kind of body you just want to run your hands all over...he was the kind of guy I could fall in love with. 

We haven't met yet, but that doesn't matter.  I can't help but think this guy, this sweet handsome man, he MUST come live with me.  When we do meet, if he takes the same shine to me that I've taken to him, it will be a match that will last a lifetime.

Internet love... what can't you find online these days?  :-)