About Me

On September 1, 2010 my sweet little muppethead, KiraDog, died. She was diagnosed with Cushings disease in November 2009 and it finally gave way to heart disease and liver failure. I knew I needed another dog to fill the void in my heart and my home so I worked with Furbaby Rescue (where Kira came from) and was gently encouraged to meet a particular dog in need of a forever home. On September 10, 2010 I adopted Conor. . . . This is his story.

About Me (and really, when you think about it, it IS all about ME):

Conor: Gender: Masculine; Usage: Irish, English, Irish Mythology; Pronounced: KAHN-…ôr (English): Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Conchobhar which means "dog lover" or "wolf lover" also "lover of hounds". It has been in use in Ireland for centuries and was the name of several Irish kings.

Hi everyone!

My name is Conor. Well, it used to be Bumper but my mom thought it was as silly name (and in a way, so did I) for a grown-up puppy so she re-named me Conor. Conor, now that's a good strong manly-man Irish name, don't you think? I'm quite proud of it myself :-)

Anyway, I'm a "Liver" coloured Shih Tzu and I was about 2 1/2 years old when I was adopted (Mom says my Birthday is July 4, 2008! She's not 100% sure of the right date, but that's the day she picked). I have allergies and have to be careful (pfft!) about what I eat - no wheat, grains, or beef allowed. I'm a rambunctious guy who always seems to find trouble, er...toys, to play with. I like watching the world around me from my perch in the kitchen bay window and love my mom to bits - and even though he didn't really like me much, I also miss SirWillyCat a little.

Characters in my life:

  • Aunt Jo and Uncle Dale: Mom and Aunt Jo have been friends for almost 30 years, since high school. Aunt Jo is a pet person and raised both her kids to love animals. Uncle Dale, having grown up on a farm, had to be converted a little bit.
  • Aunt Diane: Mom's friend and (retired) co-worker. Aunt Diane lives a few doors away from us and we sometimes go to her place for a visit.
  • Miss Eleni: Founder of Furbaby Rescue
  • Miss Nicole: A Furbaby adopter who has two puppers to call her own. She lives in a different town, but close enough to mom they could visit (if their schedules ever let them!) Miss Nicole loves hearing my stories :-)
  • Miss Vanja: Met mom through Furbaby Rescue. They haven't met in person 'cause she lives far away.
  • VetLady: Dr. I. Elizabeth Borgmann, founder of the Whatcom Road Veterinary Clinic
  • Willy: (aka SirWillyCat): Adopted January 7, 1994. Willy died on January 24, 2011. He was 17 1/2 years old.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I did OK...until...

The fireworks started.  Damn kids!!!

Mom set up a blankey for me to crouch on when all the wee ones were coming to the door for candy.  Then they stopped coming so I lay down on the blankey and just waited with mom while she played on the computer.  Then the bangs and booms started.  I got really scared and started whimpering and crying.  I told mom to take me off the tether and just let me go hide some where, please???  But then more kids came around so she couldn't.  So what started as an awesome night ended with a little scared moment for yours truly.  Now mom has the fireplace on and we're watching TV.  Mom turned the TV up loud so it helps drown out all the noise outside.

Here are some pictures of the house I helped decorate, me guarding the inside, and the blankey mom set up for at the top of the stairs (I still don't much care for the flashy thing so I closed my eyes.  Mom says I'm as bad as MissSherry!!!!)

Handsome as all heck after my bath this morning, yes?

A new friend, a cardboard box, a bath, and the fireplace...

But not necessarily in that order!

Aunt Diane came home this week from a looooong holiday.  Mom said I could finally meet her when she recovered from travelling.

I got to meet Aunt Diane on Friday - she is sooooo cool!   She gave me a toy (a koala bear puppet) but I wasn't allowed to bring it home.  Mom said that's my special toy for when we visit Aunt Diane.  Aunt Diane pet me, and I snuck a cuddle in; AND I'm allowed up on the love seat in the window!  I was told over and over that I'm a good boy and darn it, I'm handsome and cute all at the same time.  Everyone needs a doting Aunt and looks like I gots one all to myself :-)

Today is Bath Day and I squirmed more than usual.  *I* thought I smelled great, but mom had a different opinion.  She said she could still smell WillyTruffles seeping out of my pores, although my breath is better.  That, and my fur felt a little greasy.   So bright and early this morning mom took me out for a potty break then plopped me in the laundry tub.  Because mom won't use the dryer on me, she turned on the fireplace so the living room would be nice and toasty warm for when I have the AfterBathCrazies.  She also vacuumed the carpet so when I run around in circles, I would stay clean.

And that's exactly what I did.  After my bath mom rubbed me over and over, then I had my towel cuddle.  After mom 'cut me loose' in the living room, I rubbed my ears on the carpet, going in so many circles, mom lost track!  Then mom said I was still a little too wet (my fur has grown back to the point where I think I might need a haircut soon!) so mom towel dried me some more then brushed me all over (several times 'cause I shook and shook in between brushing).  We played fetch with a few toys and I got so excited I nipped at mom a few times, even caught her nose at one point!  But in the end, I smelled great and was all dry, even the part under my chin.

We're going for our "Let's Go!" earlier than normal this afternoon (that's why I had to have my bath really early) because mom said, "All hell's gonna break loose tonight!"  Mom tied to explain that in years past kids weren't allowed to trick or treat in this complex.  Some ladies would set up a table at the entrance and ask for donations of money or candy to give out to the kids instead.  All that changed this year and kids are now allowed to go door-to-door.  Mom said because it's not been allowed before, she doesn't know how many kids to expect.  She has enough candy for 300 kids, though (well, I saw her sneaking a few pieces so let's just say she has enough for 290 kids...) and she expects the fun to start around 5-ish for the wee little kids.

Yesterday I helped mom decorate the front of the house AND she asked Aunt Diane to come over, if she wasn't prepared to hand out candy herself (after all, she just got back and may not have had time to buy any candy to give out!)  I sure hope Aunt Diane comes over tonight!!!!  Anyway, back to decorating - THAT's when I found me another cardboard box to demolish!  Mom had a bunch of stuff left over from long ago when she lived in Alberta so she found it and opened a few boxes to decorate,  I was happily watching mom on the porch (I was tethered with a 15' tie-out cord so I wouldn't get too excited and run into the road, but long enough that I could hang out on the porch) when she GAVE ME a box to chomp on!  So much for BoxHab!

No pictures yet today - though mom expects to take some tonight, IF I do OK with all the activity that she expects.

I'll tell you how I did, tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's better than Chicken McNuggets and fries?

Why, the box they came in, of course!!

Holy, Mom would you please run the vacuum cleaner around - and this time turn it on first?


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mystery of the smelly breath has been solved,,,well, discovered.

I've been at a loss trying to figure out why Conor's breath is so stinky.  Vanja suggested maybe he's a poop eater (not unusual with Shih Tzu's).  I didn't think so 'cause he had a few poop accidents when he first moved in and they were waiting for me when I got home.

Anyway, last night we headed upstairs for bed and while I brushed my teeth (etc.) Conor went out the room.  I didn't think much of it, in fact it barely registered with me.

Then when I went to crawl in to bed, I called for Conor and well, no answer!  Weird!!  SO I got back up and WHAT THE HELL???????????  Conor is in Willy's "room" EATING HIS POOP FROM THE LITTER BOX!!!!!

I thought I had it pretty well blocked off, but apparently His Royal Self could wiggle through the hole I created and snack away.  Now, I have a pretty strong stomach, but even that was too much and bile started creeping up.

So there I am at 11 p.m. cutting MORE plastic mesh (from a cheap old baby gate), reinforcing it with thick cardboard from the kitty litter box and zip-tying it all together.  Then I dropped the gate to about 5" tightening up the access hole for SirWillyCat to poop in peace.

I had to snicker because when I caught Conor in the room, I just looked at him and ordered him out.  He flattened his ears and wouldn't make eye contact with me.  He went to the end of the hallway and waited at the top of the stairs.

After my renovation project, I called him to bed and he SLUNK into the room, crawled onto his bed and (near as I can tell) stayed there all night long.  After work today I took a look and it would "appear" the litter box wasn't doubling as a buffet during my absence.

Here are some pictures of the renovated gate and a token picture of his bed beside mine:

Walk through baby gate, raised to allow cat access.
Close up of new hole, about 4" by 5".

I jammed a piece of cardboard underneath so the mesh/cardboard reinforcement wouldn't be flop back and forth or be flexible.  I told Conor that if he gets his arse stuck in the hole, he's on his own.  He got himself into it, he can get himself out of it.  As a aside, when Willy was under a year old he climbed the curtains and was perched on the rail, FREAKING out.  It was a bachelor apartment and I was asleep (shift worker on Midnights at the time).  I opened one eye, told him to shut up and that he got himself up, he can bloody well find his way down.  When I woke up later that evening he was down and curled up beside me.

Conor's bed, with MissNicole's blankey

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I need BoxHab...

...but I really don't wanna go.  I luvs mah boxes too much :-P

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Found the recycle bin!

And all the cardboardy goodness the bag contains :-D

It's a sad day today

It's with great sadness that today we learned of Miko crossing the Rainbow Bridge.  Miko was lovingly cared for by Miss Eleni of Furbaby Rescue.  I'm not sure how long she had him, but I recall Eleni saying he was an older dog ( 12 or 13?  I can't remember).

Regardless, I met Miko twice, and can remember the exact dates:  June 23, 2007 when I adopted Kira and just last month, on September 10 when I adopted Conor.  In a weird way, Miko played a part in helping what would become my dogs with their re-socialization.  He has probably met hundreds of dogs who've come into his home waiting for a home of their own and I expect he sighed and helped them each and every time.

God Speed, little Miko.  There's a reason St. Francis will ask you to stand beside him...

~Conor's mom. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mom's sick :8(

Mom came home early from work yesterday so I was thinking, hey, we can go for our "Let's GO" early.  I thought, why go pee in the back yard if we're going for a walk?  Mom took me outside to pee anyway.  She was kinda grumpy about it so I hurried, then she made a 'phone call, then I was hoping we'd go for our walk after she said goodbye to whoever she was talking to.  Except mom went upstairs, took a looooooong shower, put on her jammies, and crawled into bed.  Soon she was snoring and I was like, "WTCrap?  What about MEEEEEEE????"

Later on she woke up, took another shower, put on some clothes and took me down to the corner for a poop.  I figured something was wrong with mom (she looked like crap!) so I happily complied.

This morning mom stayed home from work and lounged around in her jammies all day.  She tried to nap on the couch but alas, I would have none of that.  She grumbled at me and went upstairs to bed.  That's OK.  Mom's been drinking little cups of this GawdAwful smelling red medicine stuff.  She said she's sick.  She thinks she caught a flu bug (all achy, joints hurt, feels like she's been hit by a truck, etc.)  But she has some Important Meetings this week so she HAS to go to work tomorrow and Thursday.

I did get to snuggle with mom for a long time today and as much as I love that, I also like to play!  Mom has tried to explain to me that when she's sick she doesn't want to play or "Let's GO" but I don't quite understand.  I mean, she's home right?  So she can play, right?  I'm not really a pest, am I?  I should be able to share the couch, right?  I mean, I'm a good boy!  (Work with me here, people!!)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Playing all day

Mom took me for out "Let's GO!" early tonight so we could have more time to play this evening.  But before that, I had to guard the kitchen while mom cooked supper.  I got a taste of the spaghetti sauce, but only a teeny-tiny taste.  Mom is cheap with sharing her food :-((

Token shots:


You shoulda seen me about 30 seconds before mom caught this shot - I was racing around the house, upstairs and all, with MissSnailio "chasing" me.  MissSnailio finally collapsed in exhaustion so I licked her to wake her up.

I wuv my MissSnailio <3

Friday, October 15, 2010

Finally let mom nap.

Mom said she's had a long week so I let her take a nap on the couch.  She looked sooooo comfertubles that I couldn't help myself.  I took a nap with her.  I nudged my shoulder right up against hers and rested my head in front of her shoulder.  Mom says I snore.  And I have bad breath.

You know what cures bad breath, there mom?  Chicken wieners!!  Trust me...

It's getting colder outside at night but we're still going for our "Let's GO!" time.  Mom has been knitting up a storm.  Well, maybe not a storm, but a whole lotta toques!  She wore a bright yellow and blue one tonight.  She said once she gets good and knitting, she's going to try to knit mitts.  She has lots of winter wear, but says she wants matching mitts.  And that it gives her more stuff to try and make.

Did I not warn you she was gearing up to make me stuff?  She made the doggy equivalent of a cowl neck warmer.  It matches her toque.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bath day!

Mom said I was feeling a little greasy, that and I needed an Advantage shot so I had a bath.  Mom won't use the blow dryer on me, says it'll dry out my skin too much so I get to air dry.  It's not very warm out today, but at least it's sunny.  I don't mind being towel dried 'cause mom wraps me up and I get to cuddle for a while in TWO blankies (well, a towel and a blankie).

Before shots:

The infamous ottoman where I was accused of barking up a storm at passers-by.  *Sarcasm* me taking a nap under the window is sooooooo threatening! /*sarcasm*

After bath shots:

Even though mom towel dried me I still don't much care for wet feet so I tried to dry myself.

Now HERE, I'm guarding the kitchen window.  Yes, I freely admit it.  But I'm hardly threatening and certainly not barking (low-throaty growl, maybe, but not barking!)


Am I showing off my shiny clean self to all the pretty girls who pass by my window?
I AM a Muppethead!!!!
(handsome little guy, ain't I?)

More about me

Because it's my blog and if I wanna talk about me, I can so :-PPP

Miss Eleni was able to find out more about my past.  I was born in Oregon, USA!  All we know is the year, 2008.  I was purchased from what mom is pretty sure was a puppymill (bleech!  Those are nasty places!  I'm glad I don't live there anymore) and my new owner wasn't able to keep up with my needs.  A friend took me in and I lived in the new place for a while (8 months) then that person got hurt and couldn't take care of me.  But she tried, that much we do know.  I lost my nuts in March 2010.  I was vaccinated then and again by Miss Eleni in September so no more needles for a while yet.  Both Miss Eleni and mom don't want me over-vaccinated.

Mom says anyone who gives their beloved pet to a rescue must really love them.  At least I didn't end up at a kill-shelter, scary Pound, or taken to a Vet for a Really Bad Needle.  I was one of the lucky ones, *I* was given to Miss Eleni's rescue and she made sure I got a Forever Home then my mom called about me and the rest you know.  So mom says my former people showed how much they loved and cared, even if they couldn't keep me, by giving me the best chance to find her!  When mom found out I didn't really remember when my birthday was, she decided to honour my American heritage and arbitrarily gave me July 4th as my new Birthday.  AND we live close enough to the USA that I should be able to see (but not hear) fireworks every year on my birthday - YAY!  A party just for me every year!!

Mom can't believe with all the changes I've experienced in just two short years that I have such a wonderful disposition.  I mean, I get excited when we see any kind or size of dog!  I love playing with other doggies :-)  Just the other night we went for our "Let's Go!" and we met a Pitt Bull/Mastiff X who weighed (ready for it?) .......... 170 pounds!  This dog was HUGE!!  My wee little 22 pound self didn't care, I just wanted to play - so we did :-D  Just for a few minutes, though, both mom and the other lady had to carry on with our respective "Let's Go!"'s  Then I met another dog, Sam.  Sam has a HUGE fenced yard (he's a Pitt Bull, too) so we had to sniff through the fence.  I wanted to play with Sam but until either of us can jump a 6' chain link fence, guess we're stuck just sniffing through the fence.

Mom is also happy that we can cut through the park and when little kids come running up, I sit quietly and then only when mom has permission will she let me lick their hands as a 'hello'.  I like licking the fingers of little kids - they usually have tasty drippings still on their hands so I get to clean juice, ice cream, or whatever off.  Then the kids run back to their parents and can say their hands are now clean :-)  Win-Win!!

Mom also learned that my reluctance to potty in the backyard is just a thing with me; apparently it takes me a while to find a potty place.  What can I say *shrug* I'm fussy.  Oh, I have found a good potty corner in my backyard now.  Still haven't found a good poop place, though.  Mom says I better find one soon 'cause the rainy season is here in full force and it's supposed to snow a lot this winter.  She doesn't much like going for a "Let's GO!" when there's ice and snow every where (still gonna make her go, though).

Finally, mom was told a few things she already figured out:  I love going on car rides, love the "Let's GO!" time, and I love being close to my person, either by the feet or on the couch.  Now, mom didn't know I lived with cats before (shh, I did), but she figured I must have 'cause even though Willy hisses and spits at me, I could care less about him.  I figure let him hiss and spit, it's good for the cardio system; mom says he's old and pretty much lives upstairs so he doesn't get any exercise any more - revving up the heart rate is good for him.

I am still convinced that I should be able to sleep on the bed with mom and Willy, though.  Gonna work on that one...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No more napping!

Mom tried to take a nap after work tonight.  I wouldn't let her.  I figured why should she just lay there when she can play with me?  So I made her get up and play.  This isn't the first time I've done this...


Then she pointed the flashy thing at me.  I don't much care for the flashy thing!  Can't she do that during the day when it's bright outside?

We just came back from our walk when mom took these pics.

In case you may not know, I LUV MAH YELLOW PUPPY!!!!!  And my hoof...and my mom :-)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Token Pic

So mom got fed up of me whining and whimpering while she was on the 'puter and came up with a solution!  Now I can update my blog from the comfort of my very own 'puter chair :-D

I like to think of this as "Where's Conor?"  Good thing only the dining room chairs are beige.  Couldn't imagine if the couch was too - I mean, I'd be LOST!!!

I have an upset tummy

Can dogs have Imodium?

I have an upset tummy and dropped some really gross hershey kisses on the carpet in the living room and by the back door (see mom?  I tried!!)

We went for our "Let's Go!" tonight and mom brought a water bottle (as recommended by Miss Vanja) 'cause mom figured she wouldn't be able to pick up my poop.  She was right.  So she used the water bottle to rinse the area instead.

Mom thinks it was my new dental treats; perhaps she gave me too much at once so she's going to cut them in half again so I only get an inch or so of the tubular treat.  The package says to only give me the treats twice a week and I've had two since Saturday.  Maybe mom needs new glasses?  So it's down to the basement for a butt bath for me...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Things about me

So there are a few things about me mom is starting to learn:

1.  I like paper.  So you know the classic joke 'my dog ate my homework'?  Chances are it's true.  Mom is finding remnants of old receipts, scraps of cardboard, and a small box all chewed up and scattered around the house.  She said she'll give me the bills, but to leave the rest alone.  Mom has an expensive shredder that makes paper into what looks like broken up pieces of angel hair pasta so I can't have the shredding job.  I'm sure she doesn't mean that...I mean, I have to earn my keep somehow!

2.  When I'm feeling ignored, or if I want to play NOW! I whine and whimper until mom picks me up (or I hop up on her lap while she's on the 'puter), steal some scritches, and take some snorgles.  Mom puts me down too fast for my liking, though.  I like being on mom's lap.

3.  I don't it when mom blows air in my face.  I rub my paws over my eyes and nose to get away from it - yet I keep going back for more.  *shrug*

4.  Mom says I have stinky breath.  She says it smells like poo.  That's just GROSS!  Mom has been making me eat a tablespoon of yogurt every day, something about all the antibiotics killing the good bacteria too.  And she bought me some healthy dental treats from the special doggy food store (don't worry, she read the label and the closest thing to a 'grain' is cornstarch!  She made sure to get me the right stuff so I don't get sick with allergies.)  They must working 'cause mom let's me breathe on her face again (see #2).

No bath this weekend.  Mom said it was too rainy and chilly outside for me to dry properly, yet it's too warm for the fireplace yet.  I can't have a blowdry and set 'cause it might make my skin too dry again so mom said maybe this week she'll cave and put on the fireplace one evening.

Mom has some new pictures of me to share, but she's too lazy to go upstairs to get the camera, download the card, upload to blogger, and post for you all to see.  Lazy Bum!!  I'll try to remind her tomorrow.