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On September 1, 2010 my sweet little muppethead, KiraDog, died. She was diagnosed with Cushings disease in November 2009 and it finally gave way to heart disease and liver failure. I knew I needed another dog to fill the void in my heart and my home so I worked with Furbaby Rescue (where Kira came from) and was gently encouraged to meet a particular dog in need of a forever home. On September 10, 2010 I adopted Conor. . . . This is his story.

About Me (and really, when you think about it, it IS all about ME):

Conor: Gender: Masculine; Usage: Irish, English, Irish Mythology; Pronounced: KAHN-ər (English): Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Conchobhar which means "dog lover" or "wolf lover" also "lover of hounds". It has been in use in Ireland for centuries and was the name of several Irish kings.

Hi everyone!

My name is Conor. Well, it used to be Bumper but my mom thought it was as silly name (and in a way, so did I) for a grown-up puppy so she re-named me Conor. Conor, now that's a good strong manly-man Irish name, don't you think? I'm quite proud of it myself :-)

Anyway, I'm a "Liver" coloured Shih Tzu and I was about 2 1/2 years old when I was adopted (Mom says my Birthday is July 4, 2008! She's not 100% sure of the right date, but that's the day she picked). I have allergies and have to be careful (pfft!) about what I eat - no wheat, grains, or beef allowed. I'm a rambunctious guy who always seems to find trouble, er...toys, to play with. I like watching the world around me from my perch in the kitchen bay window and love my mom to bits - and even though he didn't really like me much, I also miss SirWillyCat a little.

Characters in my life:

  • Aunt Jo and Uncle Dale: Mom and Aunt Jo have been friends for almost 30 years, since high school. Aunt Jo is a pet person and raised both her kids to love animals. Uncle Dale, having grown up on a farm, had to be converted a little bit.
  • Aunt Diane: Mom's friend and (retired) co-worker. Aunt Diane lives a few doors away from us and we sometimes go to her place for a visit.
  • Miss Eleni: Founder of Furbaby Rescue
  • Miss Nicole: A Furbaby adopter who has two puppers to call her own. She lives in a different town, but close enough to mom they could visit (if their schedules ever let them!) Miss Nicole loves hearing my stories :-)
  • Miss Vanja: Met mom through Furbaby Rescue. They haven't met in person 'cause she lives far away.
  • VetLady: Dr. I. Elizabeth Borgmann, founder of the Whatcom Road Veterinary Clinic
  • Willy: (aka SirWillyCat): Adopted January 7, 1994. Willy died on January 24, 2011. He was 17 1/2 years old.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Has it really been SIX MONTHS???

Oh wow!  I have been so remiss in keeping up this blog, it's almost shameful to admit I actually have one anymore.

Ok, instead of writing long, drawn-out posts for each significant event over the past 6 months I'll summarize as best I can:

1.  Around the end of September Mom's friend moved in with us for a few weeks.  She was getting ready to move away and needed a place to stay for a while.  She left in December.  I really liked having Auntie Jane around - she got up earlier than mom for work but she came home earlier too, so by the time mom left for work and Auntie Jane came home, it was only about 6 hours - barely enough time for Trouble to find me and barely enough time for a decent nap.  But the best part?  I got TWICE the cuddles, treats and playtime!  Of course I was super-sneaky about it - didn't tell either mom or Auntie Jane the other already played with me and gave me treats - cuddles were OK to double up, though :-)

2.  Low-key Christmas - visited with Aunt Diane (who has recovered quite nicely from her operation last summer!) but other than that, not a whole lot of action in my house this year.  OH!!  Before Auntie Jane left she hid some pressies for me at Aunt Diane's house - THAT was a wonderful surprise!  I got a stuffed/squeaky beaver toy and a flying Kong (soft frisbee).  Mom had to exchange the frisbee 'cause mom kept losing the black one Aunt Jane gave me  - mom ended up doing more fetching than me :-D  Mom exchanged it for a smaller sized one, bright red so mom can find it better when she throws it :-)

I also got spoiled (big time!) from Miss Vanja: FOUR stuffed squeaky toys!  Mom won't let me have them all; she said she's keeping the "2011" embroidered one for the tree next year.  Not sure why the tree gets a toy, I mean, it didn't "do" anything at all but stand in the corner and twinkle lights all season.  OK, it looked very pretty, but it didn't cuddle, nuzzle, or snorgle At All, then it went away in January.  No note, not forwarding address, just plopped in pieces into a box to be hidden away in the basement for another year.  Ah well, what can I do?  I know!  I can play with the other three toys from Miss Vanja and the ones from Auntie Jane!

Not to be outdone, Aunt Diane spoiled me too!  I got a Big huge bag of pork rind bone-shaped thingys.  They're not rawhide, but pork that's been shaped into a bone shape that looks like rawhide.  Mom only gives me one a week.  But let me tell you, those treats are like little bones form heaven itself.  Mom tells people that I'll do ANYthing for one of those treats, and you know what?  She's right!  Got a bone in your hand?  I'll wash your car for you!  Hold the bag out?  I'll pay your bills for you!  You get the picture.

4.  Speaking of pictures, mom has a TON of 'em on her computer...then she lost 'em.  Yup, her 1 TB (external) hard drive crashed - lost 978 GB of data.  Most of the pictures of me were on it so she's keeping it hoping someone will be able to fix it for her.  She has this idea she should be able to link it into a new HD using USB and use the new HD start-up files to access the old HD.  She's going to try it when she buys the new HD.  She's buying a 3 TB external HD...wonder how many pictures of me she can fit on that one!!!!

Well, that's all I have time to write for now.  I will tie a string around my paw to remind me to write soon - and I'll pose for new pics to be posted!!!

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